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Friday, August 13, 2010

How to Start a Drafting Service

A drafting service provides 2D and 3D design, drawings and blueprints using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and other drafting software. A drafting service can be started with relatively low start-up costs from a home office . The local Small Business Association can provide valuable assistance in getting a drafting service business off the ground.

Things You'll Need:
• Office or store
• CAD software
• Printer and plotter
• Fax
• Phone
• Miscellaneous office supplies

Step 1
Draw up a business plan that outlines one-year and five-year goals for the business. The business plan will include an outline of how the business will operate, who will provide the service, a budget and marketing plan. Include the name of the business in the plan as well as the business site.

Step 2
Determine how many employees the business will begin with. Start with yourself if it is a sole proprietorship.

Step 3
Calculate the finances that are needed to start up a drafting business. Seek out sources of financing to begin the business and keep it going.

Step 4
Determine how much equipment is needed to start the business. In general, a phone, fax, computer, printer and plotter are needed.

Step 5
Determine which CAD software will be used for the business. CAD software is updated on a regular basis. Check to see what version of CAD software is the most recent release. Determine what types of drafting projects can be completed by the business. What areas of drafting will be focused on?

Step 6
Create a marketing plan and produce marketing materials for the business. Consider various marketing strategies to get the word out about the business.

Step 7
Open the business and prioritize projects as they come in. Complete each project in a timely manner to ensure repeat customers and nice word-of-mouth marketing.

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  1. I never thought of putting-up an office for a drafting service in our place. In our area, engineering firms has its in-house draftsman or hire a free lance draftsman. Successful drafters here are freelancer, without office of their own, they are doing all the work at home. Talented architecture students are also available for a fairly low rate and most of them commit with the deadline. Nice post, very informative, keep up the good work and good luck.